Friday, February 3, 2012

It is Friday and my kids are alive!

There are some days that I am not sure that both the kids and I will both survive - it feels like either they will off me or I them. On those days it feels like such an accomplishment that at 7:01 I can shut the kids doors after tucking them into bed and be able to say that we both survived the day. This week has been full of those types of days. :) So, I have concluded that being a mom is hard. It is exausting. And, it is what I love most about my life.
Despite the fact I can no longer wear a white shirt and a lot of times feel like a human tissue. It is the time I have spent being a mom that has given me the best memories I have. Looking back over the past (almost) five years I don't remember those days that I feel lucky that we all survived. Instead these are the type of days that I remember most -

The day I became a mom to Christopher "Topher" Larry Thompson. And Madelyn "Maddie" Mae ThompsonAnd Caroline Tyler Thompson (I am sure a nic-name will pop up due to confusion with the ending of -line and -lyn).My mom meeting my new baby boy when we picked her up from the airport.And again, after a five hour drive from Savannah to Raleigh, my mom seeing my new baby girl. (I can't wait to show off my newest little one). Celebrating accomplishments together.Going on walks at Lake Johnson or Pullen Park with Topher for 3 1/2 years while living in Raleigh.Continuing family traditions with my own family. And sharing my favorite places with my kids.Experiencing Topher's "firsts" with him. First shoes, first smores, first birthdays...
Seeing our kids to develop relationships with those people in their lives that will mean the most to them.And many more days we did something new, exciting, fun, or just together to make those "survival" days seem few and well worth the cost of having days like these.