Sunday, June 24, 2012

Return to Rexburg

Tyler and I were excited this week to take the kids to Rexburg, where Tyler and I first met and started our family. We were looking forward to seeing the changes on campus and around town (there were a lot) and of course, enjoying a meal at Craigos (now Pizza Pie Cafe, which we learned is also located in Lehi)!
We left Friday morning and arrived in the late afternoon. Jill joined us on a tour of the campus. The kids had fun, but it was HOT! That evening we did tin foil dinners and the kids enjoyed playing with the dogs. After kids were put down Tyler and I drove around town. The soccer fields where Tyler proposed are gone, now some girls apartment complex. Sad. It was weird-it sometimes felt while driving around that we had never left!
Tyler and I got home and went to bed around midnight. The high school was doing some all night thing and their music/announcer were hard to tune out. But sleep came eventually, though short lived. At 2:30 am Maddie Mae got sick and kept Tyler and I up the rest of the night. Topher didn't go back to sleep either.
So, we decided to cut the trip short. That morning we went to Smith Park to play with Drew and Lori, followed by lunch at Craigos. It was a fun trip. It was nice to see Peter and Jill. Tyler and I will have to go down again, hopefully with everyone healthy!
Kids helping Uncle Peter get dinner on the grill!
Maddie Mae enjoying a Capri Sun during dinner.
Tyler <3
Topher feeding the dogs the food he "dropped."
Maddie Mae enjoying her dinner!
Iron Man
Happy baby!
Love how she sticks out her tongue!

Drew and Maddie taking turns playing with the ball.
Maddie trying to get the ball from Lori. (Who looks like she knows what she is doing but made only one shot!)

Pretty-eyed boy. Maddie is pouting.
Gave up pouting - trying to cry.
See - she really is sad.
She was feeling left out.
Bottle makes things better.
Yup - success.

We left five years ago (in May). We left with one kid (well kinda, he was 6 lbs). And we returned with three kids, a masters degree, a few extra pounds (that gotta go), a real job (no more Blockbuster/ Maurices) has been a fun and busy five years.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

Dad - Someone who guides, teaches, protects, and of course, provides chocolate cake.

Our Father's Day weekend 2012
1. Go visit dad at work. (Caroline was surprised when the train started moving.)
 2. Make cards and banners stating how much we love him.
 3. Swimming and tanks.
4. Enjoy a dinner with wife and brother.
5. Watch Big Bang and fold clothes!
6. Go to church where they don't give you any chocolate (totally jipped!)
7. Enjoy a dinner of Brats and open your gift (GI Joe Comic Book).

June 2007 
Your first Father's Day

June 2010
Madelyn Mae makes it here in time for your third Father's Day!

June 2012
Caroline helps make this year the best!

 Tyler - you are an amazing father. Our children our so blessed to have you as their dad. I love you.

And, we can't forget the men who taught Tyler and I all the important stuff - like how to shoot a gun and that chocolate cake for breakfast is always the right choice!

Not only are you two amazing dads, but awesome papas!

Dads and Papas we love you. Thank you so much for all the memories you have provided and shared with us. Have a wonderful Father's Day

Trip to the Zoo

This past weekend we took the kids out to the zoo. The last time I went to the zoo I was pregnant with Maddie and it was for a middle school field trip. It was about three weeks before I delivered and I was secretly hoping that the walking would help her along sooner :) The zoo here in SLC is not nearly as big in acreage but still had plenty to enjoy.
The kids saw the elephants enjoy a morning bath!

 They really enjoyed playing on the bronze statutes. When Maddie Mae got off the rhino she was a little upset she touched it because it was "ewww."
Caroline of course enjoyed the ride in her stroller. I think that is when she is best behaved - in the car or riding in the stroller. I need to somehow recreate those sensations for bedtime; perhaps then she would sleep through the night.
The kids enjoyed watching the river otters playing. They are fun to watch, always playing. We also went to see the polar bear. Apparently this is a new exhibit and quite popular. The kids enjoyed watching the bear play too. He was swimming right above their heads.
 After the otters and bears we passed by birds and small reptiles. Topher really enjoyed this. He doesn't like dogs, but loves turtles, snakes, and lizards. In combination to his affinity of cold-blooded animals, his constant attraction to the villains in movies (i.e. Sandman, Darth Vader, Darth Mal, Venom...), Tyler and I may be looking at the world's next super villain.
We enjoyed looking at the giraffes and getting our bearings while we ate our snacks

Maddie's favorite animal was this little golden monkey. It kept swinging back and forth and playing right in front of her - she would giggle each time it came close to her. Topher was really excited to see the gorillas but all they did was sleep. I think he was disappointed in how lazy they were.
 The kids connected with the orangutang. Especially my Maddie Mae Monkey.
 Near the end of the tirp we saw the tigers and both the tigers and Topher were feeling a little run down.
There is nothing better than spending a day with my family.