Sunday, June 28, 2015


Having a swimming pool in the back yard is awesome! The kids all enjoy getting in for a few hours every day. I bought a baby pool for the two younger kids and that seems to make them happy most of the time. They enjoy dumping water from a bucket to the pool and vice versa. The day August enjoyed laying on the floating ring. Funny kid. 

Maddie and Topher enjoy swimming, jumping and playing in the pool. 
Topher can now swim to the bottom of the 10 ft pool. 
Maddie Mae can now swim across the pool, tread water, float on her back and is working on diving.
But hands down my favorite thing is how often she belly flops. 

We love summer!

Summer in the South

This year the kids are enjoying a summer similar to the ones I had as a kid. Lots of summer rain storms to play in. 

Lots of critters to make into temporary pets. So far we have had a turtle and a snake.

Catching lighting bugs right before bed time is always a favorite.

Dinner at Johnny's or Donny's depending on who owns it at the time.

It is fun to share all these "adventures" with my kids. And besides all the mosquito bites we have, my kids seem to enjoy life in the south!