Friday, October 31, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

I usually detest any time off from school during the fall and winter; too cold to enjoy time outside and the house shrinks with four kids in it (especially when two of those kids are Topher and Maddie Mae). But this year the weather was great. Thursday we went to a few parks, Friday we went to Gramma Etta's and a park and Monday we went pumpkin picking and to a park! 
We were joined at the pumpkin patch by Daybreak friends, Pam, Addy, Ryker, Taisley and Lily. I do not have pictures of the corn maze (I lost Caroline in there, we found her at the "lost and found") or the actual act of picking a pumpkin, but I did get some cute ones of climbing on a tractor. It was a fun day!