Monday, September 14, 2015

A Jellyfish and Fall

Kindergarten is not for wimpy parents. Maddie came home with the assignment of dressing up as an animal for their Phonic Parade. Which means moms get to make costumes. Maddie Mae chose to be "Jerry Jellyfish."
I don't have great pictures - I found a nice place that wasn't too crowded. But parents ran from one part of the school to my area to get "second pictures" and in doing so put their large butts in front of me. Dumb parents. But she was cute and had fun.

This weekend fall started creeping in. The weather was perfect. And on Sunday we took advantage by playing outside. Well kids played while I read a book and took pictures.

 I love his eyes in this one!
 And running with such determination.

 Thought I'd just prove I was there.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Blue Ridge Mountains

As part of our Labor Day celebrations we drove up to North Georgia to enjoy the beginning of fall. 
We made a stop at the apple farm. We stocked up on pies, apples and cider. 
We then continued the journey to the pumpkin patch. There we enjoyed all the varieties of pumpkins there are. Mimi and Papa think the white pumpkins are "creepy." We also enjoyed a hay ride. 
As a side note - getting a family picture with everyone looking is impossible. 
August near the end figured out how much fun it is to throw hay on Mimi's lap.
From the pumpkin farm we continued our journey to Amicalola Falls where we enjoyed our pies and cool water. And Mimi enjoyed a quick nap. 
The car ride was enjoyable (for Tyler and I) filled with naps and Cheetos!
What a wonderful day to end summer and begin our fall season.
It was a bummer to take Tyler to the airport at the end of the day. But, September 30th we (me and 4 kids) will be flying to Minnesota! Can't wait to start that adventure.

 Mimi left Maddie hanging!