Friday, September 30, 2011

Successful Picnic, Semi-Successful Fishing Trip

Another week is gone. My life has so much more purpose when I am with my family. I usually spend my time cleaning, washing and folding clothes, cooking for someone, or putting someone else to bed. But I love it and wouldn't change places with anyone!

Early yesterday Topher and Maddie found entertainment by running around the house. If only I could have their energy for one day!

In preparation for Grandma's fishing trip we went worm hunting. Maddie liked to carry her red chair around to watch everyone else work.

On Friday, Grandma and Grandpa got up early in the morning to go fishing. Later in the morning we packed up a lunch to join them for a picnic at Electra Lake, above Durango, CO. It was very pretty - the Aspen trees are all starting to change. However, we were driven off by a rainstorm later in the afternoon. But it was an enjoyable trip.

Sadly, this is my first "baby bump" picture, poor 3rd child.

Maddie knows who to butter up to get what she wants!

Maddie was begging for beef jerky from grandma.

Topher enjoyed climbing on the rocks in his Darth Vader gloves.

We actually got a semi-normal looking family picture!

Topher and Grandma took a walk to the end of the dock to check out the catch for the day.

After lunch Topher tried his hand at fishing (without a boat). This look says it all. "That's how you cast, suckas!"

But, after five minutes of "fishing" Topher became upset that no "fish got on [his] pole" and he found an alternative source of entertainment.

After we arrived Pat and Larry did not have as much luck with fishing. I think I know why...

Look at the end of Grandpa's fishing shock that Larry didn't catch another fish.

Topher was a little apprehensive about the fish that Grandma caught. But he did pet it. Maddie saw it and told us what a fish said!

Here is the haul of the day - both kids enjoyed looking at these fish and their little teeth.

After Grandma and Grandpa caught all the fish that would bite they showed Topher and Maddie how to clean the fish. Topher was very surprised that Grandma started to cut a fish that was still alive and it's mouth was still moving. I think this moved Grandma up on the cool list in his mind!

On our way to the lake we saw this rock formation and decided to check it out on the way home. It is a natural hot spring, the water wasn't warm but it wasn't cold either. I loved the colors of the rocks. Apparently the guy who's land it was on, way back in the day, use to bottle the water saying it would cure any illness!

Lastly, I discovered something totally awesome - my in-laws get conference on TV and they can record it. So, I can play with the kids during the day and at night, in peace, I can watch conference. I may get something out of it this year :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The First Week

I flew back on a Friday afternoon and spent much of that night up with kids - I was just happy to be able to hold them I didn't mind the sleep depervation.

Saturday - We went to Luke's soccer game. I look forward to watching my kids play, though more at the competitive level than the bunch-ball game of U6-U10. That afternoon we went to Allie's B-day party and enjoyed a BBQ. I cut my thumb pretty good with a plastic knife (I am special). I returned home to put curlers in Maddie's hair for church and Tyler took Topher to his brother's house to watch BYU lose.

Sunday Afternooon - Topher helped grandpa in the garden. They picked tomatoes for us. Pat made fried green tomatoes. I liked them. We also had steak for dinner, it was awesome.

Sunday Afternoon - Topher helped me make cinnamon rolls and frosting to go on top. Maddie and Topher then enjoyed a beater each.

Monday Morning - It was clean the house day. Topher showed Maddie how to wash windows. I love her hair in this picture - a cute little pony tail. The window did look better, however I think it took half a bottle of spray to clean the door.

Monday Afternoon - Tyler and I went to the doctor and got to see a picture of our new little baby. We didn't find out what we are having (I am shocked I didn't find out). Tyler and I both think it is a boy but, excitingly we don't know! Right now (and names change quickly for us - so don't tell us if you like it or not because it really doesn't matter to us) we like Cade Ammon (a combination of both Mom's maiden names - Carter and McQuade) and I've always like Benjamin Joseph or Ethan Wade. As for girl names we like Caroline Rose, Zoe Charlotte, Chalcie Anne, Amber Lee, and...I can't remember, but if I've told you and you know remind me!

Tuesday - I did laundry. Topher has this new phase he's going through...two or more shirts a day. I'll see him in one outfit in the morning, by lunch he is in a different one and sometimes after dinner he'll put on a third. I think it's because he can't choose between superheros/villains or football jerseys.

Wednesday - I don't think I did anything.

Thursday Morning - I called hospitals and sorted through all the many accounts we have. I hope my next child has normal ears.

Thursday Afternoon - Madelyn and I watched Grandma and Daddy mow the lawn and then enjoyed walking in the newly cut grass.

By the way - if it feels like I only post pictures of Maddie, it is not because she is my favorite it is simply four-year-old boys won't hold still for a picture. This is our attempt at a family picture.

Thursday Afternoon - Topher and Maddie blew bubbles. Maddie is still struggling with the difference between blowing bubbles and eating them. Babies must not have all their taste buds if you ask me.

Thursday Night - We had left over taco soup and grandma made Sloppy Joes. Maddie loved both and proceeded to painter herself orange with the sauce. After dinner she enjoyed a delicious brownie and caked on layer of chocolate on top of the tomato sauce. Grandma came to the rescue and bathed the little monster in the sink. Topher "helped" too.

Thursday Night - Topher and Madelyn decided to put to practice what they have learned in their bed time books and "hop on pop." I love the picture of Madelyn, her hair is all flying up around her face as she "hopped" on her dad!

Thursday Night - Maddie ended up in time out. I was cleaning up blocks and as I did she felt the need to throw them out of the box. I told her no, she looked at me and did it again. I told her if she did it again she would be put in time out. She picked up a block with two fingers, looked at me, and set it on the ground. I of course had to walk her over to time out and she sat there and took her one minute break. I honestly think she thought it was worth it.

Also, the new season of the office is on tonight - can't wait to watch! I don't think it will be as good, but I am still excited.

Friday is not here yet - but we do plan on washing sheets and have another clean the house day. It is amazing how messy a house can get with little people running around.

This is totally not part of this week, but I feel the need to share it, well not really share, just record it somewhere so I won't forget. While I was gone Topher was asked how are things going with just your dad there. He replied, "Not too good. Dad's not holding it together!" are so darn funny when their being honest.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hugs and Curlers

I am finally home with my babies! Yay!

Friday I got up at 3:15am and flew from Raleigh to Charlotte to Denver to Farmington where I got to see Tyler after five weeks apart! It was great to see him and I think he was suprised to see how much bigger I've gotten (pregnant not chubby)!

We went to lunch at Si Senoir, back in New Mexico so of course I had to have mexican food. After an hour of hanging out together we drove back to see the kids! We didn't tell them I was coming home and they were suprised!

We hung out that night and just enjoyed our time together. However, when bed time came I realized that the kids were not done spending time with me. Topher wanted to cuddle in bed (whcih I did oblige him). Maddie sung in bed until she gave up and started to cry. Larry went in to get her and found that she had removed her diaper and was half-way undressed. She got to stay up with me and play a game. Later that night (4 am) she started to cry and I got up with her. We spent an hour cuddling on the couch.

I was suprised when I saw Maddie's hair, it got pretty long. So for Sunday I thought I would attempt to curl it. I borrowed some sponge curlers.

In the morning Madelyn was readyto get dolled up. She put on her shiny church shoes and pranced around in her curlers.

After Madelyn had fun prancing around, I fixed her hair and the result was very remenisant of Shirley Temple.

All in all, it is good to be back with my family.