Monday, December 22, 2014


I didn't grow up with a sister close in age, though Holly came close to filling that role. But I watched Lori and Lisa grow up and they were always playing together. Dogs a lot and sometimes dress up the cats or birds. Sometimes I don't know what they were playing but they seemed happy doing what ever they were doing. My girls are like that. The first hour in the morning is a little rushed for us. I get breakfast going, get ready, take Tyler to work, come home and pack Topher's lunch, and take Topher to school. But after that first hour the girls get to play while I get the house in order, pay bills, and put baby down for a nap. They have a lot of fun during that time. Play varies from princess dress up, star wars, forts, animals or house. They already share clothes and shoes! Rarely do I hear arguing from them. Kind of jealous they get to have so much fun with a sister close in age. Maddie Mae goes to school next year and I think Caroline will miss her; I think Maddie will miss her time with Caroline too.

They are so pretty!

And here are some random things - 
I dyed my hair.

August loves the nativity that Mimi made. Any time it is set up he loves to crawl over and spread it around the room.

We had our ward Christmas party. Girls had their faces painted. Tyler likes to "photobomb" his kids.

We are anxiously awaiting Christmas! 3 More days til Santa comes (if he comes!)

The Youngest

Being the youngest is not something I can relate to. But I have noticed with my two that half they time they are desperately trying to keep up and be involved with their older siblings and the other half of the time they are desperately looking for a bit of quite and peace. Caroline is finally enjoying her younger brother and he enjoys playing with her too!

Caroline is all into dancing with music videos. She likes Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" and Carrie Underwood's "Something in the Water."

 August is very mobile now. He likes to army crawl through the house. But we have cold tile in the kitchen so he army crawls on his tippy-toes :)

August has a favorite toy - can you guess what it is?!

August rarely slows down but I managed to catch one of those moments.

What fun little kids they are!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving in New Mexico

I was really slack on picture taking on Thanksgiving day. So here are the highlights. Caroline rode horses. Topher played with bird carcasses and cards. Tyler watched the new Star Wars trailer. Maddie played with barbies. August napped before, during and after dinner. I helped Savannah apply for college. Pat made a wonderful meal and totally awesome pies. We all watched football (49ers let us down).