Monday, May 20, 2013


I didn't write for a very long time. So long that I skipped all Christmas posts. So, here is my post of Christmas.
What a fun Christmas it was - all my family was here. I can't think of anything better than having family near by for Christmas. I think this year Tyler and I may be having our first Christmas with just us. Kinda sad. Holidays should always include family.
Decorating the tree. We did two trees this year. We had a fake tree. Scout kept climbing up it and it fell twice. I packed it up and we bought a real tree. A little heavier. This I think is the second tree. 
 Pretty tree. With a lot of presents.
 Christmas Sunday. My kids can clean up!
 We had a ton of snow during Christmas. I felt like Ralphy's mother.
 We made sugar cookes with Lori, Zach, Drew, and Jessi. Unfortuantely we ended up sick the next day and did not get to enjoy any of them, as I threw them all out.
 Family got here right before Christmas. We had the annual Christmas play. Caroline is a donkey. We opened our Christmas Eve gifts and Scout enjoyed one last night in the present pile.
 Christmas morning - start off on the stairs :)
 Santa did come :)
 And with Papa in town Christmas gifts just keep on going.
 And of course a trip to Temple Square. It was so cold that night! And a trip to the Spaghetti Factory!
It was such a fun visit with everyone. I wish family were closer. And of course my best free babysitters had to move. Way to go Drew :)

May the Fourth be with You

I married a dork. His family is a collection of dorks. On May 4th (apparently a star wars day) his cousin held a May the Forth be with You party. Wow. Blue milk, Bantha fingers, and other Star Wars themed food was served. And of course, costumes were part of it. 
 We had Darth Vader.
 We had some type of princess from the Star Wars universe.
And a bounty hunter that Topher changed to a "Baby Hunter"
Which made for three cute little dorks to be.