Sunday, November 2, 2014


Halloween had a kick off with a preschool party for the girls
We played games, including Don't Snack on Jack (Don't Eat Ernie but with pumpkins), Pin the Spider on the web, Pumpkin bowling and Witch Hat Balloon Pop (candy was found inside the balloons). I don't have pictures during the party, but here is the proof my girls in some future date I did stuff for them!

Next on the Halloween itinerary was a costume parade at school. Topher was a ring wraith because he could not wear his helmet. Siblings dress up too, so by 8:30 we were all dressed up.
Maddie and Caroline enjoyed seeing all the princess dresses, most of which were Elsa. August was unimpressed.

Finally, at 6:00 trick-or-treating commenced.

It was perfect trick-or-treating weather, in the upper 60's and what a pretty sunset we enjoyed!

I love how the Witch King is lording over the candy.

Halloween is over for another year :) 

Beautiful October Weather

While I am writing this it is cold an rainy, possibly snowy; a normal November day in Utah. However, we have had a beautiful fall this year. This week especially. Four days we went to a park and enjoyed the 70* temperatures and sunshine!
Topher found a dragon fly and was fascinated by his wings.

Caroline is a pretty easy kid. When she is happy she is happy. If she is sad it takes a few hours to recover. But mostly, she is happy.

These first two pictures are funny to me. It looks like Topher is saying jump, I'll catch you!
 Maddie spends much of her life like this.
 But what a pretty smile she has. And I love her hair flying up :)

August is a horrible outfit, I know, but this was his 4th outfit for the day and it was what was on top. He is a pretty easy baby. He really is only fussy when he is tired, which he was during this little outing.

He finally gave up. And I love baby hands and feet.

It was a very short nap, but he was smiles till the next one.

Topher has always been my cautious kid. So after Maddie tries something Topher is usually up to it.

Goffy picture, but he is jumping.