Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Sunday Mornings

Sometimes I just feel like capturing those moments without mud or messy hair. Pretty much only on Sunday mornings.


All my sweethearts :)
Kids got big rice crispy treat hearts this year. 

February - Preschoolers enjoying Sunshine

Play is always calmer without the big kids around. It's kind of nice.

Pippin gets to be dolled up by another generation of little girls. Caroline is helping her get flowers behind her ears.

We didn't get many pictures of pinewood derby this year - potty training August, and it was our first trip out of the house in a week. But Topher competed and did well.

Caroline Turns 5

It's weird to see Caroline grow older; she is one of the babies of the family. But here is the year she goes off to school! 
She is so sweet and kind. She is funny and goofy and we love having her cute oddities in our family!
She still loves her donuts and all sweet foods :) She chose Mac and Cheese for dinner - one of her favorites!
I will miss her a ton this fall when she goes, but so excited to see her continue to learn and grow.
I also didn't have all my baking stuff this year so a store cake it was. :)