Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Helping Moving and Family Fun

So now I know I have mom brain - I added all these pictures to Picasa and thought I blogged about them, but I didn't! This post was suppose to be back in October but better late than never! 

When the kids and I flew here to Minnesota we were met by Tyler and Larry. A day later Anne and Pat showed up to help us move in! 
With all the unpacking and work that needed to be done it was so nice to have the extra help with kids and home. 
In addition to the help with work, it was so nice to spend time with family. Of all the things we will miss about Utah family is the thing we will miss the very most. I truly hope that the distance won't keep us apart too much. That everyone there will make time to come here and that we will make time to visit them there. 
While worked a lot, we did find time to get out and enjoy each other's company. Annie was able to see the Mississippi River, albeit where it is the least impressive, and kids were able to play with grandparents.
We miss y'all! All of y'all out West and down South are welcome always and anytime! 
Big tree by the river and just wanted document I was there!

Messes, Stitches and Growing

Tired little boy with a messy face. 
Wish he would sleep though the night - then we would have just a messy face.

Now I have to explain the band-aid on my little boy. 

On Friday, October 13 (yup...) we went over to Kristen's house to say hi to cousins. Right before we were getting ready to leave around 9pm (2 hours past bedtime) August tripped and fell and hit his head on metal stairs. One look and we knew we were going to the ER. At 11 August got 3 stitches. Poor baby was so tired that he fell asleep while getting stitched up. Tough little boy barely cried.
Tyler and I are real parents now - finally a trip to the ER for stitches! 
Sorry - it was hard to get a picture without his finger up his nose!

And one last one because they are so cute and I can't believe how big they are getting. They are growing up so very fast. I just hope they don't grow up too fast.

Fleeting Fall

Moving to Minnesota was scary for me, mostly because of the weather. However Minnesota has been nice to me and slowly easing me into winter. Fall this year has been nice. But I am aware it must end and winter must come. So with the few remaining nice days we enjoyed time at the park.

Caroline's hair cracked me up. August loves swings and slides. Maddie Mae loves mothering August.

He Grew Up

I hate cutting my babies hair - they grow up within just a few minutes. August did not like getting his haircut. 
But my little baby is gone - I have a sweet little boy now. 
Love him so very much! 

Two Witches, Kylo Ren and The BIG Bad Wolf

We had our first Halloween here in Minnesota. I think usually it is colder but this year wasn't too bad. The kids had two costumes this year - one for the ward party and one for trick or treating. The girls first choice was a witch costume but the outfits were a little too flimsy for trick or treating weather. Topher's first choice was Kylo Ren but he couldn't wear the mask to the ward party so he opted for some creepy skeleton guy. And I was pretty sure August was not going to wear a costume so he got a hat. :) 

We kicked off the Halloween festivities with pumpkin carving - one scary and one silly. August liked the lit pumpkin.

We had a fun ward party. August did not dress up! 

Trick-or-treating is always fun with kids. August didn't say a thing but was sure into the lift-the-bucket-get-candy thing! The girls opted for slightly warmer costumes as Anna and Elsa.

A year ago we were in Utah with no idea we were heading out. So much has changed in the past year - August can walk. Caroline smiles more than cries. Maddie Mae has started school. I don't see a little boy in Topher anymore - he has grown up so much. A new job. A new home. The past two years have been incredibly busy, hard and amazing. While I am hoping for a calmer year I am so glad for all the experiences we have had.