Monday, September 29, 2014

Mostly Caroline and a Little of Everyone Else

Caroline is all Tyler. She looks like him, and I imagine, she acts a lot like he did as a child. She is calm(er than my other kids), silly, loves toys and can play by herself for hours. 90% of the time she is happy and content with life. That other 10% Caroline is devastated. There is no in between with her. She is all happy or her life is in shambles.
Most of this post is Caroline in one day. Love my little two-year-old Caroline :)
We went to the park to enjoy a giant slip and slide. Caroline fell down before her first time down. She cried until she went home. She fell asleep watching My Little Pony.

Caroline likes Taylor Swift's song "Shake it Off." Look at the TV and you see she is trying to mimic Taylor.

 Honestly I don't know what Maddie and Topher are doing - I am sure the play quickly caused a fight. *Sigh* Maddie and Topher....
Caroline fell down. End of the world.
 August just rolls with all the chaos in his life.
Caroline is all better :)
 I wish I could spend more time holding my sleeping baby but with all the craziness in my home I  rarely get to. But every once in awhile I ignore the messy home and the older kids are playing downstairs or outside I get to snuggle with my little August.

 This is Tyler after a Saturday at home - I think he is secretly greatful for Monday :)
And lastly, I don't really consider Scout a member of the family - she is a pet, thus she rarely makes  the cut for pictures. But Scout has a teddy bear. Yes, a teddy bear that she carries around the house with her. She likes to cuddle with her teddy bear when she sleeps. It is cute.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cascade Springs

Two years ago we went camping with Drew and Jessi up American Fork canyon. There is something comforting in knowing that there is another set of adults helping with your kids. Since that weekend we have not dared to camp by ourselves. Honestly we probably wont until we have dry nights and kids can put themselves to sleep. 
Anyways, after the camping trip we drove over to Cascade Springs. It was a lot of fun. So, with the leaves changing and limited number of warm days we packed up the car with lunches and drove on over. It did make me miss Drew and Jessi, We hope they (and Naomi) come back when Jessi graduates :)

We relived the moment when Tyler got to fish out Maddie Mae.

After our walk we enjoyed a picnic lunch - August hung out in the car. Took our potty break and headed home. What a fun day - I am so not ready for winter.