Thursday, June 26, 2014

Father's Day and Bath Take Two

I love you Tyler. And I know these little one's love you too. In fact in the background right now I hear Caroline talking to "my dad" on her pink phone. 

Mimi is gone, boo, but she taught August to love his bath time!

Baby Blessing of August

August was blessed on June 1st by his Father. In the circle were his uncles Chris, Dave, Peter and Tom, Larry and Bishop.

August Wyeth Thompson

Heavenly Father loves you very much. He has big plans for you. You are a special young man. Your being here and the ability to have a body is a miracle. 
Be a reminder to those around you of the love and mercy of the Savior.
I bless you to be sensitive to those around you who need the Savior's love through charity and the gifts of the spirit.
Be sensitive to other's needs. And to those who loose their ways at times. Be an instrument to help others and lead them back.
I bless you to server others and magnify your talents and abilities which have been given to you.,
I bless you to have a desire to have a family and raise them unto the Lord. Also to be a righteous father and priesthood holder. 
Heavenly Father loves you.

Cell Phone

I bought a new phone, a smart phone (you are suppose to be impressed), in Feb of 2013. I today, just figured out how to get the pictures off my phone and on to the camera (not impressive). So, here are some pictures from the last 16 months. A lot of these I have sent to you already but here they are again.
 Family Home Evening was pie night. Caroline's first taste of soda.

 Maddie Mae getting her ears pierced, the reward for being potty trained.

 Pretty girls getting ready for the day.

 The nickle arcade with Drew. Drew was busy playing a battleship game with Topher. The girls used their nickles to go around and around.

 Topher showing off his art work in Kindergarten.

 Enjoying the remainder of mom and dad's date.
 Breakfast in bed.
 Kindergarten field trip to the zoo.

Kindergarten graduation day. My little cheetah.

 Miss Maddie Mae showing off her pretty hair at Mimi's house.
 Left to her own devices, Caroline likes to sample each doughnut.

 Caroline rocking and at the doctor for her well child check up. She is healthy.

 Grouchy day.
 Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove.

 At the Daybreak Splash Pad

 First day of First Grade!
 Waiting for Lori and Zach to get hitched!
 Homemade raspberry jam.
 Rope park in Daybreak by the lake. Maddie likes to climb!
 Helpful Caroline.
 Happy Halloween. Pretty girls and scary boy!
 Baby number 4. Hercumur according to mom.
 Topher's self portrait of him eating peas and chicken. He is smiling I think.
 Ugly Christmas Sweater #2.
 Girls relaxing after Christmas.
 Baby 4!
 Crazy hair day and normal smile day. She smiles so silly.
 What I let the kids do while Tyler's not around. 

 Normal Caroline smile.
 My kids love cheese cake unfortunately for my waste.
 Shopping with kids = hell. That is why we gave up and watched a movie at the store instead!
 Wet yucky day means movie day for all.
 Maddie Mae is already allergic to school. She got this on read to a sibling day at Topher's school.

 When I do hair now I have three requests - Elsa hair up, Elsa hair down or Anna hair. This is Elsa hair up.
 Off to save the day.
 Barnes and Noble.
 New baby at the hospital - August!
 Little chicken legged August
 August and mom napping.
 Baby August!
 Brother and Sister; Baby and Former Baby

 Summer lunches are almost always outside. Eliminates sweeping!

 Couch buddies!
 Best picture I have. And as Caroline would say - "My butt!"
 Good morning to my early risers.
 Blue eyed boy!
 Trying to get August to smile. Instead we get weird.