Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our Backyard is Ready for Summer

Saturday this week was warm (even by my Georgia-girl standards)! We played outside all day. Topher and Tyler worked on the pinewood derby car! 
But let me back up. Earlier this week we knew it was going to be warm so Tyler stayed home from school and helped me set up the trampoline. We set up the slide and near the end of the day I saw a playhouse for sale on the facebook yard sale site. It was a $750.00 play house that I got for $100! August loves it! The girls love playing with it! Our backyard is looking ready for summer to get here!
Sadly, today is 20* colder and rainy, but spring is just around the corner!

Finished Bathroom

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my destroyed bathroom. Well I have mostly finished!
No popcorn on the ceiling!
No brown on the walls!
Need to put up new doors and refinished the vanity but that is an eventually kind of thing!
overall I really like how it looks!

Ice Cream

Sometime FHE for us means a trip to Dairy Queen!
You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream!
I think it also included baths for the activity!

My Beach Painting

Tyler is awesome! He finally painted me a beach! And I love it. I love the brush strokes and colors. He used 7 colors and mixed them to get all of the colors you see! It took him 3 or 4 nights to finish (from after 8 till our bedtime around 11). I will post pictures of this picture when it is on the wall again. It is getting frames right now. It is quite large, 36x24. 
You are amazingly talented Tyler! I love you!

Cold Spring Days

I figure every once and awhile I need to write good things about Minnesota or no one will come visit us! So it is very pretty here! 

Yes - that is snow - when it is spring - but it gives us lots of time to enjoy indoor things like coloring and books.

Bed Time

Bedtime is both my favorite and least favorite parts of the day. 
There is always that one more drink or one more potty break or the weird shadow on the wall that might become a monster at any moment and eat me to deal with. But after the drink, potty and monsters have been dealt with then I get to be an adult. 

We have a pretty stable routine:
The girls go to bed at 7. August at 7:30 and Topher, if he has earned it, 8:00. August usually helps us put the girls to bed while Topher reads.

After the girls are down. August gets to rule the house for 30 minutes.
Favorite games include: On your mark get set go - run as fast as you can around the house. Or walk on mom or dad. A new one was line water bottles up then run into them. And of course he loves to dance to dad playing the guitar.

Eventually, around the 4th mile he has ran around the house he begins to slow down. He has enjoyed our new rug as he winds down!

At this point - we put his jamies on, give kisses and wrap up in blankie!