Friday, October 11, 2013


I love raspberries and found a small farm south of Provo that allows you to pick the berries. It was $3/pound. Pretty good deal I thought. So we loaded up the kids one Saturday in September and drove the hour south. 
Topher was great at picking. The girls were great at eating!
 The girls got side tracked during the picking.
 After we paid for our five pounds of berries, the kids picked a flower. It was a fun morning.
These berries made awesome raspberry jam! I can't wait for next year! We are going to triple the amount of berries!

Dumb Mom

Not talking about you mom - about me. 
Not sure if you can see it in the pictures, but someone colored on the shoe shelf and on the door in purple crayon.

I asked Maddie Mae, "Did you do this?" I promptly recieved the very innocent and confused reply of "No." 
I called Caroline to me, she came running in with her smile. I then told her, very firmly, this was a no-no. 
This was the result of the scolding:

 I don't really enjoy getting upset at the kids, but you have to teach them...right?!
Thirty minutes later while I was cleaning off the door I realized the purple marks went up higher than Caroline can reach. Arg. I felt so dumb for believing my three year old and guilty for causing those sad little faces! So now, I have learned that Maddie Mae is a good little liar and to check the height!

First Day of First Grade

This was a much anticipated day. Topher in school all day! Can't tell you how happy that thought made me. In fact I felt slightly guilty that all the other mom's had tears in their eyes as they waved goodbye and I could hardly stop jumping with excitement at the thought of only having two at home!
He was so excited too. And so incredibly cute.
He started school some time in August (I have no memory). His teacher is Mrs. Masson. 
 That is his school in the background.
 The lady in the blue pants is his teacher.

And becuase this is so late in being updated I can say Topher enjoys first grade. He loves math. Hates hand writing and is not good at it. Finds coloring to be a waste of time. And he still wants to be a geologist :)

Second Annual Two Dollar Day at Thanksgiving Point

I totally have a good reason I haven't blogged in computer died that I blog on. And it totally isn't me to have lost my camera cord and use my other computer. I mean my house is always in perfect order :)

So, I will just pick up where I left off - this summer.

Last year we enjoyed the $2 dinosaur museum with Jessi. Because she left us for NC we joined up with some friends. Between the two of us we had 8 kids :) We got there about 30 minutes early and had fun climbing on rocks while we waited.
 The first part of the museum changes - this year it was Tinkering. Kids had fun in there building and playing.
Fun day. Looking forward to next August with $2 Dinosaur day :)