Friday, October 19, 2012

Eww and Yucky According to Maddie Mae

I was just going through my pictures to see what to post about and realized that I have not been very diligent in taking pictures lately. Thus, I do not have pictures to document all the happenings lately.
But let me see if I can recall what we have been doing. 

Last week we went out for ice cream (big deal here because we don't do it often). Topher chose a flavor that was blue, green and purple. Maddie Mae chose pink bubble gum. Caroline ate mom's chocolate!

Topher completed his science fair project. He had fun. We burned things! 

Tyler's sister Katie had her endowments taken out last weekend. Tyler and I were able to go because Jessi and Drew were brave enough to take in our three kids. They said they were good, but after a 20 minute drive with the girls screaming in the car I am not sure when or if they will have kids.

Mom bought airline tickets for Christmas! Yay! I now have something to countdown to!

I made a Chess pie and everyone loved it but Topher. 

Found a great use for left over chili - Navajo Tacos.

Caroline, I think, is teething. If she isn't teething she has a black soul and desires to drive her parents to insanity by staying up all night.

Now - I don't think I can remember much else that is not document with pictures so on to what I can show you.

Topher is off track now so we are in search of projects that will keep us busy! 
Yesterday was paper bag puppets. Today is homemade "Gak." (Remember that Drew?) Topher chose to make purple and Maddie Mae chose pink! Maddie Mae did find it to be a little "eww" and "yucky!"

 Caroline has found two hobbies - unloading the dishwasher and climbing the stairs.

And a few weeks ago Tyler and I completed our dresser. We really enjoyed our time together at night working on this. Wish we had more projects to do right now. I really like how the dresser turned out. Don't love the paint color of the room it is in but hazard of living in a rental!

I hope to do better in taking pictures over the next few weeks with Topher out of school. I think we have planned a pumpkin patch, library story time, trunk-or-treat, trick-or-treat, candy making, and a movie! 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"The Magic of a Moment" project

 Topher's Project:
The theme was "The Magic of a Moment" As this was rather abstract for a five year old, I suggested that he look through family pictures and find a picture that was special to him. He could not choose between two moments. Fishing/driving the boat with papa or mowing/riding the tractor with grandpa. Here is the completed project.

In addition to the art piece he had to submit a written description:

My papa is special. He is nice. He lets me go fishing. His name is Christopher. my name is Christopher too. I want to be like him. I want to fish like him.

My grandpa is special. I like to work with grandpa. He is kind to others. He taught me to hammer and I tore down a wall with him. His name is Larry and my middle name is Larry. I want to be like him. I want to build like him.

Dad and Larry - y'all have a little boy who loves and admires you. Thanks for being an awesome papa and grandpa.