Monday, April 29, 2013

Temple Square in the Spring

One more week of being off track and finding things to occupy my children with.
Monday - Temple Square
Tuesday - Library
Wednesday - Play Group & Maddie's Speech Class
Thursday - Grocery Shopping and Park
Friday - Clean the House Day and Park
I really dislike the off track thing. The breaks are so choppy and short. I like my summers. We can go to the pool and parks all day, instead I am left with a break in October (maybe it will be warm, more than likely not) a break in January (what do you do in January in Utah - yuck) and April (suppose to be nice but this year...).
But anyways, today we went to SLC via TRAX and in the company of the Doxeys! What a fun day.
 Waiting for the train to take us to SLC while enjoying our breakfast :) We were in a hurry this morning.

  Loved the pretty flowers.
 They can, occasionally, be nice to one another.
 She spent most of the day in the stroller - result of her running away too many times.
 All the kids except the stroller girls.
 She tried to stop and smell all of them.
Topher loves to see the statue of Christ. Ryker felt a little camera shy :)
 After Temple Square we enjoyed a picnic lunch. I am sure they birds were grateful.
 After lunch we went to the Church History Museum where there was the BoM children exhibit.
Maddie Mae had a slight mishap when we first got there. Caroline enjoyed her freedom from the stroller.
 Kids went fishing off Nephi's boat.
 Kids built a tower (not sure where it connected to the BoM but they had fun.
 Maddie dressed up some dolls.
 They watched a video - dancing - they too danced. Topher did well :)

 Caroline wandered around doing her own thing.
 They fed the missionaries by picking the food, cooking it, and setting the table :)
 We had tired kids on the way home - perhaps they will sleep tonight?!

Caroline's Smile

Caroline is usually a mess. Perhaps because she is my third and I just don't have time to wipe her face off or perhaps because I am just to busy to notice. But when I go through the pictures to post pictures she, more times than not, has a dirty little face.
But, despite the mess, she has the cutest smile!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am beginning to think that holidays are a cursed time for my family. I may just begin making up holidays randomly. This past year the girls were sick on Halloween. We were sick during Thanksgiving, so much so that I didn't even bother cooking a Thanksgiving dinner and just went with waffles. All of us were sick a week before Christmas, thus, infecting everyone who came to visit us. And now Easter. We were sick the entire week before and Caroline got sick that night! I cancelled Easter dinner with Drew & Jessi, Zach & Lori, and Lisa. We planned it for a week later. But despite the yuckiness, the kids enjoyed their few bites of candy and Easter Bunny Toys.