Monday, January 27, 2014

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning started early for us. I think around 5:30. See how dark it is - that was morning for us! But, kids were up and waiting on the stairs to see what Santa had brought.
 These two pictures show a trend - me snitching raspberries and me pregnant during Christmas.
 Youngest to oldest we brought the kids down to see what Santa brought them.

It was a great Christmas! It is so much fun to have kids around during the holidays.

Christmas Eve Traditions

Second annual Christmas Eve Soups:
We had potato soup (it was good), french onion, and a vegy soup. All served with homemade bread and jam.
 I think everyone enjoyed their dinner!
 After dinner the kids (my siblings and kids) cleaned up and prepared for the play! In which Caroline literally the star!
 We then read the Christmas Story.
Then we opened one present.
 We put on our new pjs and hurried off to bed so Santa could come!

My Beautiful Family

I really do have a beautiful family. Can't wait to add our little boy next year to this picture.

Sugar Cookie Night

The day my family arrived from GA we decorated sugar cookies. As always they were beautiful.