Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Frozen-My Little Pony Three-Year-Old Birthday!

Caroline has never celebrated her birthday on her birthday - maybe one year, but it seems that we always have family in town and they leave right before her birthday on the 6th. Once again we celebrated her birthday a few days early. We shared her birthday this year with her cousin Marissa (who turned 11, I think). I made Kylie's wedding cake the day before and went ahead and made an extra cake for the birthday. So for Caroline we had Frozen themed and Marrissa TMNT. Tyler sculped the Olaf. I really enjoy decorating cakes - this is my first time with buttercream and using pipping. I enjoy doing it but I don't really like cake. So I don't do it often!

While Christmas was Frozen in theme her birthday gifts were My Little Pony. She recieved stuffed My Little Ponies, My Little Pony Memory, Skittles (which got the best reaction), Frozen Tshirt, Frozen Necklace and Activity kit.

I can't believe how fast these three years have gone. We moved to Utah when she was just a few months old. It is so fun to watch her grow and learn. To see her personality develop. She is a sweet little girl. She is fun and happy. I miss my baby Caroline who cuddled for hours with me. But I love this fun little girl who plays with me and her siblings. Who brightens our home with her smile. Caroline, I love you. I am so glad that three years ago you were sent to us. Happy Birthday little girl!

The Christmas of Grimmlock and Dresses and Horses

Santa came!
And left a lot of stuff!

For all the kids a castle with dragons, knights and fairies. 
For Topher a punching bag.
For Maddie Mae dress up.
For Caroline a horse.
For August balls.

While Tyler and I documented that Santa came and at one point during the day the house was clean Grandpa sat on the stairs and listened to Topher tell a Christmas story.

Youngest to oldest we went down to see what treasures were left!
August asked for nothing and was happy with the balls Santa left.

Caroline had asked for a horse and was happy with her horse and light up, rinestone, pink cowboy hat.

Maddie Mae asked for dress up dresses and boy did Santa deliver! She was happy with her Frog Princess dress, Wedding dress, Rapunzle Dress, Snow White dress, feather boa, and tiaras. 

Topher asked for a large Grimmlock (Transformer TRex). Santa did not bring him that. He instead brought a punching bag and gloves. Topher did not show any disappointment - though Mom knew he was a little and quickly warmed up to the idea of something to hit.

Santa also brought a toy to all the kids - a castle with trap doors, working draw bridge, dungeons, faries, knights and dragons. All the kids enjoy playing with this together still.

After we opened up and played with Santa it was time to tackle the gifts under the tree.
Some of the highlights for Caroline:
Elsa and Anna dress made by Aunt Lori. Barbie with a horse. Schelich horses from Mimi.

Highlights for Maddie Mae include:
Frozen hat and mittens from Gramma. Elsa and Aurora dresses from Lori. Schelich figures from Mimi.

Highlights for Topher include:
Dinosaurs from Mimi. Starwars figures including the Rancore. And a Grimlock from his totally awesome Mom and Dad.

Highlights for August:
The wrapping paper and boxes. But also include a piano.

And of course...

What a fun Christmas. 
Thanks to Tyler's family for joining us!