Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Birth Day

In a lot of ways this should have been one of my easier pregnancies. I didn't have to work. I had three other kids at home to take my mind off the slow passage of time during pregnancy. I didn't retain water, woohoo! But despite this, it was a rather long and complicated pregnancy.

At six weeks I started hemorrhaging. I called my midwife and she assumed I was miscarrying and asked me to go to the doctor the next day for an ultrasound. That ultrasound showed a placenta but nothing else. Two days later I went back for another ultrasound, which revealed a placenta and a yolk sack (what you see before you see a baby). A week later I went in for my third ultrasound and we saw August, well a little grain of rice that would grow to be him. 

All throughout this time I continued to bleed. I decided with a move to Lehi I would switch from a midwife to a doctor. After a little research I choose Dr. Jones. I scheduled a visit with him. He said this pregnancy could easily go either way and put me on modified bed rest (don't lift or clean or do any of those things a mom has to do). During the fall I bled quite heavy on a few different occasions. I had numerous ultrasounds (well over twenty) and they determined I had a very large subchorionic hemorrhage and partial placental abruption. In January I went to Labor and Delivery for the first time for my bleeding and I believe I went back for a variety of reasons every three weeks for the remainder of the pregnancy. And we enjoyed one week long stay in the hospital for preterm labor. 

I went to the doctor on May 6th for an appointment. We decided to induce at exactly 37 weeks - May 8. So, at 6:30am Tyler and I got in the car and drove to American Fork hospital to meet our little boy. Compared to the pregnancy the labor was so very easy! 

I finally got to go to a room instead of stay in triage. Around 7:30 I was hooked up to an IV, started on pitocin and given an epidural. By 11:00am I was ready to push. I think I pushed for 8 minutes and he was here! At 11:17 my 6lb11oz and 18in baby boy, August Wyeth was here. 

Dr. Jones showed me the placenta. You could see where the bleeding took place - it look like bruising on the placenta. He also told me the placenta had not formed correctly - instead of having all the different "pieces" that placentas usually have it was only one smooth part. The nurse told me later that the doctor had called August a little miracle baby. I am so relieved to have him here. I am so grateful for all the prayers that were said for August and I. He is such a sweet little miracle.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Easter, The Egg Hunt and Candy Eating

Tyler's family all came over for dinner and an Easter Egg Hunt. Lisa and Tyler helped hide the eggs.
Caroline (and Lisa) enjoyed the delicious activity.

Easter, The Pictures Where We Kinda Look Put Together

Getting kids to take a good, non-goofy picture and multiple children looking at a camera is a true gift. I do not possess this gift. But, despite my lack of camera skills, I think the kids look darling. The two pictures of me...remember I am on bed rest and remember that you will be judged how you judge me :)
I do find it funny how the kids personalities come out in the pictures. I most definitely have a poser, a goofball and one who is always in the middle of saving the world from some evil I do not see.