Wednesday, January 16, 2013

What was added/changed: 1. Put out the fire on Maddie's head

I like list. I like plans. I don't like changes to either of those.
My kids just don't get it. And I think they are to blame for the fact that my list does not ever get done
or even really shorter.

To Do Jan 16:
1. Dishes unload and load
2. Wash 4 more loads of laundry
3. Fold all 9 loads of laundry
4. Help Topher with homework
5. Vacum
6. Make beds
7. Sweep and mop
8. Call dad and tell him happy birthday
9. Get Topher to school
10. Get girls down for naps
11. Help in Topher's class
12. Make and take dinner to sister in the ward
13. Pick up Tyler
14. Clean up toys
15. Put kids in bed

What was accomplished:
1. Help Topher with homework (not all done)
2. Make beds
3. Call dad
4. Get Topher to school
5. Help in Topher's class
6. Pick up Tyler

What was added/changed:
1. Put out the fire on Maddie's head ( yes, my two year old lit her head on fire - no lasting damage but the pictures demonstrate what a great hair-do she is now sporting)
2. Cut Maddie Mae's singed hair
3. Change 8, yes 8, poopy diapers
4. Pick up pizza to take to sister in the ward
5. Wipe up chocolate smeared all over the couch and floor from stolen chocolate chips
6. Entertain little girls who decided naps are not in

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