Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Afternoon Delights

Topher was occupied after school today. Thanks Papa!
 So was Maddie Mae.
 And little Caroline!
 I like happy afternoons with my kids!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Vader and the Pink Jedi

This last Saturday we had a busy and fun day. We went down to Lehi to see Chris and Annie's families. Stopped by Lowes to get paint and supplies to start refinishing our furniture we have accumulated over the past little bit. I sanded and painted a night stand our neighbor gave us. Pictures will be posted soon :)
Tyler helped Topher make a costume for a cousin's Star Wars themed birthday party.
Topher was Darth Vader. (Not a bad costume considering it was a 30 minute put together out of a diaper box, construction paper, and tin foil!)
Maddie was a "pink" Jedi (we had to make up a character so she could have on pink)
We came home and got kids in bed and Tyler and I watched MI3.
I like busy days.

Little Things

I kept waiting to have something to post, but I've realized that my life is pretty much the same thing every day. 
Tyler is up at 5:45am (when I married him I didn't think that would ever happen), I lay in bed until 6:15ish and get up either on my own or because a little boy asks for a movie to be put on. Get myself ready and wait for a baby to holler for food. Feed that one and get the little boy something to eat and wait for my two-year-old to get up (the longer she sleeps the happier we all are during the rest of the day). 
After breakfast and a morning movie the kids ride their bikes/scooters around the back while I feed Caroline and put her down for a nap (9ish - 11ish). 
When Caroline wakes up we usually have to go get diapers or formula or some other necessity from Target or Wal Mart. We get back just in time for lunch and to send Topher off to school. My neighbor takes him with her daughter.
Maddie Mae takes her nap (12ish to 2:30ish) and Caroline usually pulls things out of cupboards, off shelves, or unfolds laundry. Around 3:15 we walk up to school to get big brother and his friend. We come home - ride bikes, eat dinner, take baths, read a book, and go to bed. 
Not much changes from day to day.
But I realized that even though nothing big happens - lots of little things do. Some fun, like Topher finally riding his scooter fast, some sad, like Caroline has a nasty cold, some maddening, like Topher having an accident all over the bathroom floor and doesn't tell me until I find a mess in the bathroom, or some amusing, like Maddie Mae putting on my make up while I am making the grocery list.
So while sometimes I think life is a little boring because it is so the same (cook,clean,feed,repeat) it really isn't. I need to enjoy all the little changes and differences in my day. All of these little happenings, unfortunately won't last forever.