Sunday, December 31, 2017


Halloween was rough this year on Mom.

I was in charge of the tri-ward Halloween party on the 27th. We had just closed on our home, which means lots of paperwork leading up to closing. Tyler was flying in on the 27th. We moved on the 29th. On the 30th we unloaded the truck. On the 31st I was rushing to unpack before kids started school the next day.

I really just wanted to buy the kids candy and put on a movie. But Tyler, was great and took the kids trick-or-treating while I continued to unpack and make beds.

This year we had: Topher as a Jaw-wa, Madelyn was Rae, Caroline and August were ghost and Owen didn't care and I had no energy!

 Church Halloween party - the kids were dancing!

Broken August

We have no idea how August hurt himself! But he sported his boot for half the summer :)


A few pictures from September


I got behind on my blogging - between new baby, soccer, Tyler getting a job, moving and settling into a new life in Missouri - I am months behind.

So - updates!

Tyler started a new job in Missouri at the end of September. He came up a few days early and spent three days looking for a home. We made three offers and the third was accepted - in Troy, MO.

Here are some pictures of the home Tyler took. It is our goal that the next home we buy I see it before we put an offer in :)

Tyler - started working September 28th.
We closed on the home October 26th.
Tyler flew to Georgia on October 27th.
We drove up to Missouri on October 29th.
Kids started school on November 1st.

It was a busy October!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Fall Soccer - Unicorns

Fall season of soccer has begun! 

Madelyn is a Unicorn and rocks! She has scored two times in two games! She is a blast to watch. I've had parents from the other team tell me how great she is - and their right, she is awesome! Go Maddie Mae!

Owen is a big fan of soccer already.

Last Summer Swim

Summer ended - we had to close the pool but the kids wanted one last swim afternoon. It lasted 20 minutes because the water was too cold. 
This year Caroline began to swim and jump off the edge. August can swim with a floaty and will jump off the edge. It was fun to watch them swim this year.