Friday, May 13, 2016

I Figured out Videos

I figured out how to upload here y'all go!

August is 2

My baby boy turned two this past week. Can't believe how fast he is growing. I say "growing" loosely because he is only in the 6% for weight and 9% for height (his head is a bit larger at 74%). 
He was such a struggle to get here, but so very worth it! He is a momma's boy and I love it! He is my quiet man. My wild man. He is my baby. 
August got a birthday weekend. We decided to celebrate his birthday on Saturday so I could have Mother's Day to myself, but I didn't get around to making the cake. So, Saturday he got Little Debbie cupcakes. We planned to do his cake on Sunday but mom took too long of a nap. So Monday we had to do his birthday cake. But power went off and I couldn't make frosting until after sorry baby, not mom's best work! In fact, you called my "2" a "nake" (snake). 
As for presents. Mimi hit it out of the park with a dump truck and gramma won with a truck he has played with every day since! Mom and dad mostly failed. 

 These pictures crack me up. We took a picture of Maddie Mae. Then the other two. Then back to Maddie. She is looking at her brother and sister in the last picture...I think the emotion that is in control with Maddie Mae is disqust. :) 

 Sandboxes mean a bath every day!
 We ended his birthday by upgrading him to a big boy bed. So far he has fallen out of bed twice (in a 5 day span). But he is sleeping in, so I say success!

Dancing Kids

I remember dancing to music as a kid - usually some Billy Joel, Amy Grant or the gal that sings the Itsy Bitsy Spider song. 
In the first clip at the beginning you can see how August usually dances. He always drops what he is doing and runs over to the radio when the Rush Limbaugh theme song comes on and dances ;) 
In the second clip, the difference in my two girls cracks me up. Caroline is such a ham and Maddie is Maddie Mae :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My Preschoolers

I love having just my preschoolers at home with me. I think maybe sometimes I should put Caroline in preschool this next year, I know she would love it, but I am selfish. I have five years with them at home with me. I want all five years.
I love playing outside with these two. Loving the warmer weather and I want to spend all our time outdoors. Caroline is such a ham!
It does wear them out though. August seems to crash around 3 most days!

 After playing hard...