Sunday, February 14, 2016

Below Zero

It has been so very cold here since January. Most days have been below freezing. And many well below zero! We even saw a real feel temp of -35!!

All this freezing cold weather has kept us trapped inside most of January and February. We've exhorted to creative entertainment and more than I would like to admit amounts of TV and movies!

All this inside time has brought out a destructive side in August. Along with marker, pen and pencil drawings on my walls and floors, August loves to dump cereal out on the floor anytime he sees the pantry door open. He is a little devil! A cute one, but a little demon behind that cute little smile!

We've also been able to get some work done on the house. We are not completely done so I don't have finished pictures yet, but hopefully we will finish one day!

This is the smile August gives me when he sees a camera!
Caroline did August's makeup!

Little Sweet Caroline turns Four

This year we celebrated Caroline's fourth birthday! I cannot believe how quickly time goes by. 
One of my clear and fondest memories is holding Caroline in the hospital that first morning. "We" watched the sun rise over the bluffs of New Mexico. It was a gorgeous sunrise and made even more beautiful by the sweet and perfect baby I was holding. 

The past four years Caroline has grown into a sweet and beautiful little girl. She loves to color and is a complete daddy's girl! She loves dresses and skirts, despite the subzero temps of Minnesota, and enjoys painting mom's nails and having her nails painted!

Caroline wanted a rainbow birthday this year! She got a rainbow cake and decorations!
She received an art set, a horse, playdoh and markers! Her dinner request was "sticky chicken" which is really just Orange Chicken. 

What a lovely little girl she is! I look forward to this year, Four-year-olds are a great!