Thursday, June 16, 2016

We have busy weekends

I found a strawberry upick patch not far from our house. We love berries and jam so off we went the first Saturday were open! We picked and ate! After we picked about 8 lbs we went to pay while Tyler found some interesting sights to possibly paint.

After the strawberry picking we headed over to the old car show and also found a medical helicopter, ambulance and firetruck!

You can see how cooperative August was at this point! 

Tyler found something that he found fun.

While August found something to distract him from his whinning.

After all that excitment we had to go to Lowes for some supplies to fix the sump pump. The kids and I waited in the car!

And this was just Saturday...

Sunday we went to church. Came home and took a quick nap after we ate. And we were off again to explore. We got a little turned around and walked a 3 mile loop. A little difficult with a two year old and a four year old who forgot socks and rubbed a blister with her stylish, but perhaps not so practical, cowgirl boots!
After all one slept in on Monday :(

Last day of K and 3

Last day of School!

Maddie Mae - Finished her Kindergarten year this year! She started school in Georgia in August and ended in Minnesota in June! She learned how to read and add! What a pretty little girl we have to send to first grade next year!
Start of Kindergarten:

 Last day of Kindergarten:

Topher - Finished 3rd grade this year! He too started the year in Georgia. STMA is his fourth elementary school, but it will be his last too! Next year he is in fourth grade and it will be his last year in elementary school! Topher did great this year. Still loves gym the most, followed by lunch. He doesn't hate math! He got glasses this year and broke them 4 times. He came in second for having the messiest desk. Yup....that's my boy!

First day of 3rd Grade:

Last day of 3rd Grade:

Both of them:
First day:

Last day:

 Don't want to forget my preschoolers - Caroline has settled into her new home. She has slowly accepted that she lives in Minnesota! She has lots of new friends! She has one more year at home with me!
First day of school:

Last day of school (how we send off the kids each day)!

In a few months I will be sending off my 1st and 4th grader. I will enjoy one more school year with my Caroline girl and August still gets to hang with "Mop" for three more years!