Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas Break in Minneapolis 2015

Christmas break started out great. Lots of fun things to play with and do.

The end of the break was a little rough. I had my wisdom teeth scheduled to come out on the 31st. So we celebrated New Years Eve on the 30th. I wasn't quite feeling right so I didn't eat much. But Caroline more than made up for it. We watched a movie. Stayed up till 10, And had a count down with noise makers!

The next morning I was up early and off to get my wisdom teeth out. I opted not to have general anesthesia so I was able to drive myself. Kind of nice for Tyler not to have to wait in an office for me with the kids.

By that night (Thursday) I had the flu. Saturday the older kids had the flu. Monday Caroline and Friday August had it.

And Sunday night, before Tyler had to go back to work August took out his dad!

So while it was a great break we ended a little rough!

Christmas in Minneapolis 2015

Santa came!!!!
August got a storm trooper and bouncy rhino. Caroline received a horse stable and bouncy rhino. Maddie Mae a pink parakeet and Cinderella dress. And Topher got a digital remote control cars that battles.

Waiting on the stairs is both fun and torture! Kids were up early - we had to wake up August and he wasn't overly thrilled with it.

Youngest to oldest...

Then we started opening Santa gifts!

A quick break for food.

And then more gifts....from Great-papa, Great-grandmother, Gramma, Grandpa, Mimi, Papa, Aunt, Uncle, brother, sister, mom and dad!

Somewhere along the line - August discovered boxes can be just as much fun as the items inside.

It was a good Christmas. Thank you for everyone's gifts and we would love to have company next year!