Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas or Baby! Funny Faces of Thompson Kiddos

So as we get closer to Christmas we get closer to me having this baby. My family back in Savannah placed bets on what they thought the gender, weight, height. and birthdate would be. Lisa must hate me because she geuss Feb 17 as my delivery date (Jan 16 is my due date). And Drew must think I am carrying a deformed child as he geussed the baby would be 11inches and 8.5 lbs.
However, I think my mom may the most correct as she put me delivering on December 29. And, as the way things are going now, I think she may be right. I am just hoping not to deliever on Christmas or Christmas Eve!
Speaking of Christmas, I can't wait to see Maddie and Topher open their gifts. I think I may be more excitied than they are!
As well, I am happy that Chris and Jessica's family does a Christmas skit each year too. Except (this is to Drew) they do the actual Christmas story. I am glad that my kids will get the reminder of what Christmas is right before all the celebrating happens. I wish that I could have done more this year focusing on Christ, but with the flu making its rounds this past week, none of us have been up to anything beyond laying around in our misery. But, today, finally, no one in this house (Chris is sick) is feeling too badly beyond just the seasonal head cold. Yay! We may be put back together by tomorrow!

I just thought this was a sweet picture. Maddie and Topher like to play "Santa" right now. Topher pushes Maddie's baby stroller around as if it was Santa's sleigh. They both walk around saying "Ho, Ho, Ho!"

Maddie was feeling a little silly!

Topher has been teaching Maddie how to make funny faces!

Hands down, one of the prettiest little girls. Both my kids have such pretty blue eyes.
Topher likes to tickle Maddie. I don't know how much she enjoys it.
It is fun to sit on top of the kids and tickle them. It always makes me smile!

Christmas Time and Snow?

After a few years in the south and spending Christmas at Mimi and Papa's house in Savannah, Topher has come to believe that Christmas time weather includes blue skys, t-shirts, and sunshine. He has been rather confused lately that it is snowing and it Christmas time.
Although Topher is confused that Christmas time this year involves snow, he is enjoying the fluffy white percipiation we have been having lately.
I sure do think he is a good looking little boy. The prettiest eys.
He enjoyed making "roads" in the snow, however, after a few minutes all his hard work would disappear.

Rules and Methodology of Decorating a Christmas Tree

The methodology of decorating a Christmas Tree with a 4 year old and 18 month old.
First, make sure you decorate your big brother.Second, hide in the corner and eat candy canes and if you get caught, roll around in the middle of the room and try to look so pathetically cute you get your way.Third, when it comes down to it, everything can evolve into a sword fight.
Fourth, mom and dad are always there to pick up the slack.
Fifth, be resourceful when it comes to doing something you shouldn't, like dig through the decoration box just to make a mess.

Sixth, make sure only the prettiest decorations that are fragile and important make it on to the tree.
Seventh, decorating yourself is more fun.

Eight, make sure you do a good final inspection.

Lastly, get really hyper right before bedtime to make life more interesting for mom and dad.

Holidays with little kids is so much more fun.

Holidays = Yummy!

Maddie and Topher have enjoyed the increase of treats and goodies in the house brought on by Christmas. Topher loves candy canes and egg nog. Maddie likes cookies.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Visit

After eating too much we went to Temple Square to look at the lights. I thought it was funny, you saw a lot of parents with kids, you know that the parents thought the kids would enjoy looking at the lights, but for the most part, the kids looked tired, cold, and miserable. Topher, my big kid, spend most of the time in the stroller pretending he was asleep. He did enjoy the ride in on Traxs thought.
Overall, the trip was a lot of fun!Thanksgiving day I'll admit I didn't really take an pictures. Too busy cooking, eating, or just relaxing with family. However, that morning, before festivities started, I did get a picture of the relaxing with their Dad in the morning. The trip to Utah for Thanksgiving was enjoyable. We got to spend time with family, which is always fun! Drew came up with a great idea to go BBQing in the canyon! We all enjoyed eachother's company and we froze! Topher seemed to be the only one unaffected by the cold!