Sunday, June 30, 2013

Parades and Planes

Saturday was Jenny, Philip, Isaac, Pat, and Larry's last day here in Utah. So we made a full day of it. We started the day with one of the numerous Lehi parades. Mara, Brittany, and Haley were all twirling flags in the parade. The kids enjoyed the Slurpee and candy tossed their way. However, there was a moment of tears when Maddie was not the first too the candy. That sequence of pictures is pretty self explanatory. Caroline enjoyed the shade with Grandma but more importantly, Grandma's mug.
 After the parade I took the girls home for naps. Because naps are necessary for happy children. While they were napping I left Savannah in charge and cut off all my hair. I will post pictures eventually. Tyler took Topher to Hill Airforce Base with the boys.
 At the end of the day we all got together. Kids played. They got dirty. We ate. We played games. What a fun week it was with so much family in town!

Kindergarten Program and 'Graduation'

I can't believe it, tomorrow is Topher's last day in Kindergarten. It has been both long and short. Long because the half day thing. 12:37 - 3:25 was his school day. It meant I had to be home by 11:30 to feed him lunch and be back home by 3:20 to pick him up. It made my day choppy. Long because I have come to conclusion that Kindergarten is more work for parents than kids. From projects, to costumes, to homework our little 5 and 6 year olds relied heavily on mom and dad to "help." Short because I have a kid not only in school but a kid who has completed a grade level. Time keeps on moving; whether I want it to or not.
I will add tomorrow a last day of school picture.

 On the second to last day of school Topher had a program and graduation. The program culminated their zoo trip. Each kid dressed up like an animal and wrote a short report. Due to the costume aspect, I was happy when Topher decided not to be a scorpion but a cheetah. He was a very fierce cheetah.
At school the kids were lined up and had a "push me" button on them. You pushed the button and the kids would share their report with the parent. 
 The kids then entertained us with songs.
 At the end the kids "graduated." Topher recieved the Daybreak Dolphin award. He had to complete a list of requirements. He was happy to place the medal next to his trophy!
 My baby boy is one day away from first grade. How exciting and fun for him.