Thursday, March 8, 2012

Uncovered After 29 Years

So just before Tyler left Pat, my mother-in-law, deciede to do some remodeling/redecorating. When they first moved into this home there was a "lovely" mural on one of the walls. Much to 3-year-old Tyler's dismay, she had it covered. Last week we decided to remove the covering after 29 years. The kids helped us with our work. Caroline sure had it right.
Topher's favorite part is when we gave up trying to remove the mural and just put up a new wall. However, my 4-year-old, asked "Grandma, why are you taking down this beautiful wall?" I guess the best thing that could possibly be thought about the previous owner is maybe they really let their 4 year old son be involved in the decorating.
I wish I could post a completed project now, but we are still painting and putting down carpet and waiting for new furniture!

The difference between boys and girls.

Since I showed how Maddie plays - here you go with Topher.
In the mud. With tools. With his sisters (both sisters have been chopped with the sword). With a sword as a "policeman with a sword," "an ice giant," "a bad guy with a sword," "a good guy with a sword," or "a ninja." And lastly, as Thor with a Thor hammer. I have become good at self-defense. I must say, there is a definite difference between girls and boys and how they play and what they like to play.

Miss Maddie Mae Plays

I am always amused when watching the kids play. I love how Maddie likes to wear her glasses (which are really movie theater 3D glasses with the lenses punched out). She also likes to try to hide in the cupboard with her babies. And, occasionally, she will stop jumping off furniture long enough to read a book or do a puzzle.

Finding Diversions

dfsdfTyler has left to Utah to start his job, leaving me and the kids here in NM. I have been tasked with finding a place to live. Which means I have to find the places online. Find out what school district. Call the place to set up a time to go view. And then send Tyler the information. All of this lleaves time where my kids are forced to occupy themselves. Today they were successful.

Monday, March 5, 2012


It has been so long since my last post. I have a lot to put up that I can't ignore but - Tyler is gone with the computer and camera again!

The past two weeks have been crazy. Tyler has been in New York, Pennsylvania, and Utah. After two job offers (Pennsylvania and Utah) he has accepted Utah and is now on his way to his first day of work.

I am excited for him. I wish I could be there to say "I love you," "Good luck," and "I'll see you when you get home for work." But, due to a lack of a place to live and insurance I am here in New Mexico for a few more weeks. I am here with strict instructions not to let our children grow up too much. I know he hated to leave all of us, but Caroline especially. A few weeks in baby time is like a few years to the rest of us. She has grown up so much already in 8 weeks. (Tomorrow she is 2 months old). Shw is such a pretty baby.

I was reading mom's post this week. It made me sad. I miss my mimi too. But, I can't imagine not being able to call mom to have her tell me it is okay when I am feeling off. Or when I have something happy to share.

I love you mom. You have become my best friend. I love to share things with you and confide in you. I love your advice and guidance. I love that I know you love me, flaws and all. I love the songs you sing with my kids over skype and that they love you. You are the best.

Okay - Caroline has resorted to self canablism because she hasn't eaten in two hours! I'll try my best in the near future to update all the big events in the past month.