Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy Two Month Birthday

On July 8th Lisa, Topher and Maddie Mae made a cheese cake. It happened to be August's two month birthday. And, as Caroline loves singing Happy Birthday we through together a birthday party!
It looks like I am strangling my baby, but really I am just helping him hold up his head.
But really, we are so happy August is here. What a sweet little boy he is. He wants to always be held (by me) and I just love to oblige him. They are only small for a moment in time. 
After the "party" we took baths and the kids enjoyed having dad home.

Eat More Chicken

July 11th 
Cow Appreciation Day
If you dress like a cow you get a free meal at Chick-fil-a. Why would you not!?

My Beautiful Caroline

The past week has been a little rough on Caroline.
She had a touch of the flu and had a rash on her face. While trying to help the rash I put on a band aid, which she was allergic to and caused even more damage.
Let's face it, she looks a little beat up.
Despite all of this she is such a doll!

Fourth of July

Tyler and I were talking about all the fourths that we have spent together.

2005 - We were engaged and watched fireworks with his family.
2006 - We flew home on the fourth from NC beach, but we enjoyed fireworks on the marina the day before.
2007 - Uh, no idea.
2008 - We took Topher to the beach house. We woke him up at 10 to watch fireworks. He was a little loopy but it was fun.
2009 - We watched fireworks in Garner NC with Topher. 
2010 - Uh, no idea.
2011 - We enjoyed low country boil in New Mexico.
2012 - Uh, no idea.
2013 - Uh, no idea.
This year we got up and went to the ward breakfast party with the kids. Where they participated in the bike parade. There was a slight bad moment when we thought we were locked out of our house, but thank goodness we left a basement window unlocked. We then went to Ellie's house for homemade corn dogs and ice cream. However, Maddie Mae was not feeling well and by the time we got home we had a little girl with the flu. So, Tyler took just Topher out for fireworks in Eagle Mountain. If it were not for this blog this year might go down as "Uh, no idea." Nothing huge happened but I enjoyed it. I enjoy spending time with my children and with Tyler. And I am glad that this helps me remember all the moments with my family.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

While August was a rather difficult pregnancy, post labor was a breeze. I was so excited that I could get up and move around without feeling guilty that I should be laying down with my feet up that I went on a hike two weeks after having him. Tyler and I coordinated with his family a hike on Memorial Day. I can't remember which hike we went on, but it was about 2 miles up and 2 miles down. 

Fashion matters always. Maddie Mae had to wear her pink cowboy boots despite not being the best hiking shoes. And flowers in your hair work for any occasion. 

Topher has to be in front leading the group. Love this goofy kids outfits.

Caroline was excited for the hike during the first 200 yards. After that we had to carry her 35 lb body up and down the mountain. Talk about dead weight. And while there is no proof of this, I carried her at least a mile. I think I made up for not moving the prior 6 months in this one hike.

And the family picture we took was strange because someone was missing. Little August was smart and stayed home with gramma in the air conditioning.

 The end of the hike was pretty.