Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Play and Chick-fil-a Day

Kids have been doing pretty well this summer in getting along. Always makes me happy. The first three weeks I packed every day full of something to do. The past two weeks have been filled with storms and we've had to stay home. Kids have been good both ways. Not ready to say I want them home all day, every day, but I do enjoy them for the summer!

We also celebrated our 3rd Cow Appriciation Day! Topher has been reading a lot of calvin and hobbes. We will have great pictures of him this year.

RIP Trampoline

When looking for a house we knew we need a yard big enough for the kids to run around and play. We needed room for a trampoline (the kids really wanted one) and for football and soccer and everything else kids play. So in April we set up our trampoline. Kids spent at least an hour a day jumping. August loved his "leene!" 

This past week I regret saying our trampoline has died. 

A storm picked it up, smashed it into our neighbors fense, tree and then it took a journey down the road and finally landed in someone's front yard. 

The mat was ripped. The cage was ripped. The springs were scattered. The metal frame was bent, broke and mangled. Nothing survived. 

So seeing as we live in Minnesota, we will not be replacing our beloved trampoline until next year, as winter is coming all too soon. 

The best part about all this - it died the week before I am babysitting 11 kids in one day...yup, trampoline, you will be missed!

Also, we had to cut out two trees and our playhouse roof was ripped off, despite being screwed on. 

On another note - cool sky that night.