Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Box Turtle

Kids finally found a box turtle!
August won't touch it. Caroline spent quite a bit of time "tickling" him!

Last Day of School - 1st and 4th

Today was Topher and Madelyn's last day of school.

Topher has only completed a full year at a school for kindergarten - this year was Minnesota and Georgia.

Madelyn never has :) 

First day of 4th grade - Minnesota

First day of 1st grade - Minnesota

Last day of 4th Grade - Georgia
Just realized he wore the same shirt both days :)

Last day of 1st grade - Georgia

My preschoolers -1st day of school in Minnesota

Preschooler's last day of school - Georgia

This is Caroline's last first and last day of school as a preschooler! Next year I will have:
Topher -5th
Madelyn - 2nd
Caroline - Kindergarten
August - 3/4 year old preschooler
Baby to be named - immobile for the majority of the year :)
It will be my last year with no middle school kid! Ack I am getting old!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Madelyn Mae turns Seven

Madelyn Mae turned 7 today!
She is such a fun, adventuresome and sweet little girl.
We are so glad that she came to our family!

I still think this picture captures my Miss Maddie Mae and is one of my favorites!

This year she requested a soccer cake. I was okay with that until I got the details. She wanted me to sculpt her playing soccer. So, I chose to use her favorite animal right now, an owl.
She also couldn't decide between vanilla cake and lemon cake so she got a white cake with lemon mousse and raspberries. 
She loved it. Her dad and brothers, not so much :)

As for gifts she is a hard one to shop for. Like her momma, she doesn't play with toys all that much.
Gramma/Grandpa - Locket 
Mimi/Papa - Dress and necklace
Mom/Dad - Ramona books, clay, some ankle hopping thing and I am taking her out of school early tomorrow to pick out earrings and get a treat.

And because I love looking at little Maddie Mae:

Image may contain: one or more people and baby
2010 Birth Day!

Image may contain: 1 person
2011 Missy Mae turns One!

2012 Madelyn Mae turns Two!

2013 Madelyn Mae turns Three!

2014 Madelyn Mae turns Four!

2015 Madelyn Mae turns Five!

2016 Madelyn Mae turns Six!!

Madelyn we love you!
Happy Birthday

Sunday, May 7, 2017

August is 3

August turns 3 tomorrow. However, with he and Madelyn's birthdays only a three days apart we celebrate his a little early and her birthday a little later. 

Friday night (3 days early) we celebrated his birth!
Looking back at his birth and pregnancy we can't help but be so grateful he his here! It was a lot of work to get him here, but he is so worth it!

We were all excited to meet this little boy!

...well some of us more than others!

This year August wanted pizza and a Thomas the Train vanilla cake!
He had a lot of fun "helping" mom!

He didn't ask for anything specific for gifts, but cars, boats and trucks always make little boys happy!

And he really enjoyed his frosting on the cake!

And just an aside, with 8 weeks to go, Tyler asked if I'd suck it in for the picture :)