Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One Whole Hand

I can't believe I have a five year old. The past week has been filled with tasks to enroll Topher in kindergarten. We went to an open house where I got paperwork and listened to people talk while Topher got to play and color pictures. We received a letter informing us our track choices and when the registration was due (April 27). I can't believe that five years ago we brought home a 5.5lb baby from the hospital! It has gone by so incredibly fast! This year we were lucky to spend his birthday with most of the Thompson family. We had a surprise party for him!

 Grandma and Grandpa loved on Caroline!

 Maddie sugared up Grandma and sat on her lap to watch Topher open his gifts. But, while Grandma was distracted, Maddie stole a few drinks from Grandma's mug!

Topher opening his present from Mimi and Papa - "a barbie with a pink purse and yellow shoes."

---> Love how happy he was when it was not the barbie but a T-Rex!

Topher had a pinata at his party this year. All the kids took a turn. Too cute.

Maddie enjoying the spoils of the pinata!
Luke and Topher enjoy their spoils!

Most all the cousins!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

Make a wish!
Next year he has to use two hands to show how old he is! Way cool and a little sad for mom.

Caroline's Baby Blessing

Sorry this post is so belated. After the baby blessing Tyler was pretty busy interviewing, thus eliminating my time I could work on the computer. And that was followed by the move that resulted in us not getting internet for a few weeks!

We blessed Caroline Tyler in Bloomfield, New Mexico on February 5, 2012!
Such a pretty dress, but an even prettier little girl!
She has such pretty features. She has beautiful arms and fingers. I don't know where she go that from.

What beautiful girls we have. What beautiful sisters.
Pretty eyes and lips.
I love my girls! I can't wait to go shoe shopping with them!
What pretty children I have. They sure do love their new little sister!

Video of Caroline getting ready for her baby blessing. Maddie took the liberty of "washing" off the paci for Caroline.

100,000 Miles

Our car hit 100,000 miles in February. We bought the car around 20,000 miles in April 2008. Those 80,000 miles have provided so many wonderful memories!
We traveled to Savannah to celebrate Topher's first birthday.
We traveled to Maine to visit Jenny and Philip (and Isaac had he chose to come earlier!) But...sadly, my computer died and ate those pictures :(
We traveled to the North Carolina beach!

We posed for pictures with Darth Vader in front of this car!
We traveled to Savannah for Christmas (a few times!)

 We brought home our first baby girl in this car!
Made a trip to New Mexico for the summer as Tyler looked for a job...
...and stayed there...

...and stayed there!

We brought home a second little girl!
Tyler drove to Durango to fly to Scranton for a job interview...no picture.
Tyler drove to Alb (can't even begin to spell that one), for a job interview in NY.
Tyler drove to Salt Lake for a job interview (all within a week of eachother!)
Tyler drove to Salt Lake to start his new job!

What a fun 80,000 miles!