Monday, November 5, 2012


I am so grateful that Tyler has a skill that enables him to gain income through freelance work. It has allowed up to get rid of one (almost two) of the multiple medical bills accrued over the past few years. 
But, this weekend we spent the money on something a little more fun. Meet the newest member of the Thompson clan: 

 The kids have been enthralled with her. Caroline's arms and hands are just a blur out of uncontrollable excitement. It is fun to hear Caroline giggle every time she sees Scout. It is fun to see Maddie constantly trying to cuddle and baby her. And Topher loves to have her chase a mouse on a string. Hopefully she will provide plenty of entertainment over the long Utah winter :)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fridge full of Amoxicillin and Halloween

Tyler and I were talking about our favorite seasons. Tyler loves Fall, he loves the crisp Fall air and the leaves changing. He says he likes how fragile the season is and how you know it wont last. I think that is why I really don't like it. Because I know what is next. Winter. October is Fall, but here in Utah, it was confused. 
After our two days of snow we warmed up just in time for Halloween. I got lazy this year - no pumpkin patch, just a stop at Wal-Mart. I don't think the kids were upset by that at all. Maddie Mae asked for a silly face pumpkin and Topher a scary face.

 Unfortunately, that cold snap and the fluctuating temperatures created the perfect climate for illness. Both baby girls are sick.
Caroline with ear infections and Madelyn with strep throat.
So, despite having costumes for Caroline (a lady bug) and Maddie (the color pink) the girls opted to stay home, take their medicine and go to bed.
I do have to be greatful that the kid who has a countdown for Halloween (and Thanksgiving because Lori and Zach are coming over and until Lisa comes and until Mimi comes and until Santa comes) was able to go.
He had a hard time deciding what he wanted to be. All month it was a skeleton. 
But on Tuesday we went to a play group Halloween party and he was Darth Vader. 
Last night he was an army man.
 Topher has to show off his vast arsenal.
 Between each house (which is not much space here in Daybreak) Tyler and Topher played army. He would talk in his headset giving orders and finding where the bad guys were. At the end of one of these conversations he said, "Okay, I love you. Goodbye." Guess he is use to only talking to those he loves. 
He had fun :)

After getting kids to bed. Tyler spending sometime working. We finally start getting ready for bed. Of course Caroline thought that would be a perfect time to get up.
 While she is cute, very little in this world is something I want to stay up for. So we put her pack-and-play in the pantry and went to bed.