Thursday, April 21, 2016


We told the kids when we moved in not to play with the rocks...

Little Girls

Every time we go in and check on the girls we find them in the oddest places and positions. One night they were on top of the covers and moved their pillow to the bottom of the bed. The next night Maddie had a "phone" and pen on her bed (imagine the angst teenage Maddie is going to give me) while Caroline was asleep under the bed.

They are growing up so very fast. I know one day I will go into their room and they will be laying in their beds just how they should be and I will miss my little girls who twist and bend themselves into the oddest ways. 

Monday, April 11, 2016


Tyler helped me out this year in celebrating my 13th birthday!
We started by installing a water softener! Yay we did it! No leaks and we rocked it :) Although it was not what I really wanted for my birthday! 
We had a cookie cake. I got sheets, a fruit bowl and a gardening magazine! 
We finished Star Wars and put the kids to bed.
I am grateful for every year I get to spend with these wonderful kids and my amazing husband. 
But I look forward to January when I have at least one sibling in this decade with me! Drew, enjoy your last 7 months in your 20's!

Pinewood Derby

Topher wanted to build a fast car this year. So Tyler finally used his degree for something useful...a pinewood derby! Topher came in a close second! It was fun to watch! But before his race he received his Wolf! Way to go Topher!

 Yup, that is my kid who was running through the gym without a shirt. Little red neck!

The first video is Topher's first race. The second is the last race.

Topher is 9

9 Years!
Topher celebrated his 9th birthday this year. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. In only 9 years we will be sending in mission papers! 
Topher has become a huge football fan. He got football cleats and soccer cleats for his birthday. 
He also really enjoys Harry Potter and Star Wars too. Thus we got him a wand and all flavor jelly beans. Mimi got him a gun (always a fun toy) and a joke book (9 year old Papa's Boy's Life jokes). Gramma sent quite a fun book, a doodle book full of money! 

That morning he got his favorite breakfast - french toast sticks and opened a present.

I took cookies up to his school. He ordered chicken teriyaki ka-bobs. I surprised him with a chocolate football cake.

Opening presents!

Some of the beans were yummy, and some...well check out Tyler's faces!

And he made a wish.

We love you Topher! Happy Birthday!!
Hope this is a wonderful year