Sunday, September 18, 2016

Football, Games 1 and 2

Games 1 - Against Black Nights
Topher is wearing lime green socks and red gloves. Number 1.

Game 2 - Against Light Blue Nights
Topher is wearing yellow socks and red gloves. Number 1.

First Day of School 4th and 1st

New school year!!! 
We are starting school in Minnesota and hopefully we finish the school year here too!

This year we have a fourth grader! This will be his last year in elementary school if we stay here! 
He is super excited to play football and still loves gym!

We have  a first grader! 
Madelyn is excited to go to the big kid school this year! She loves to read and the color yellow!

We hope these two have a wonderful school year!

We also have a 4 year-old at home who is enjoying her last year home with mom.
And, a 2 year-old who won't leave mom's side! (Which is who he is reaching for in this picture!)

Willow Lake Falls

A few weekends ago we drove up to Wisconsin to Willow River Falls. It was pretty. Kids had fun. We got a little muddy and wet. Ate a few snacks and the drove home. It was an enjoyable trip.

It cracks me up that this is one of our best family pictures. We are in cut-offs and hair un-fixed. But we are mostly making normal looking faces and looking at the camera!