Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Eve

This year (2017) Christmas Eve was on a Sunday.

We usually go out on Christmas Eve to a movie, or shopping or something else...but this year we went to Church. It was snowy and it took us an hour to drive there and back!

For lunch we decided to make an event out of eating so we made home made pizzas. We also had the elders over. After we ate we played games, watched movies, and relaxed!

For dinner I made a breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. Then we sent the elders on their way. 
We got our Christmas Eve presents out and we went oldest to youngest! August is so patient!

Gramma got them warm cozy soft blankets - just in time for our freezing weather! 
Topher - star wars guy
Madelyn - cupcake doll
Caroline - cupcake doll 
(Madelyn and Caroline looked at their bathrobes and dolls and then Madelyn and Caroline looked at each other and said "switch?" Apparently I mixed them up!)
August - build and take apart plane
Owen - chew toy

Someone was too excited for Santa to go to sleep!

Snow Day

Just in time for Christmas we had snow!

That Kind of Week

December 17 - December 23

With two weeks notice I was asked to plan the ward Christmas party.
We all had terrible colds and aches and chills througout the week.

Sunday day - I gave a talk.
Sunday night - Water heater went out!
Monday morning - Tyler's car dies. Caroline's ear drum burst.
Monday night - I replaced the heating elements and thermostat on our water heater and we have hot water!
Tuesday morning - Took Tyler's car to the repair shop.
Tuesday night - Find out how much it takes to repair Tyler's car...sadness.
Wednesday - nothing happened!
Thursday - we picked up Tyler's car!
Friday - was the ward party - went over at 5:30 to decorate and prepare food. People had a good time.
Saturday - we finally were able to get excited for Christmas.

Just one of those weeks.

Christmas Break

Kids have two weeks off for break!
 Kid refuses naps and passes out on my living room floor.

 Letter writing!
 "Ginger bread" house.
 Cutest Elf
"Finding the peace!"

 All alone watching TV

 Good training!

 Left overs from the Christmas party!