Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend offered us two wet cold rainy days, and finially, on Monday we had a nice sunny day. Tyler was busy with freelance work so I was tasked with taking the kids out of the house. We went down to PG and hiked up to Battle Creek Falls with Drew, Jessi, and Lori.
Topher and Maddie enjoyed throwing rocks. Uncle Drew knows all the tricks to throwing rocks.
Lori made friends with the kid that wasn't wet or muddy.

Maddie with her "my Jessi."
Waiting for lunch after our hike.

Upon arriving home from PG the kids decided they still needed more fresh air. So off to the park. Tyler played hide-and-seek which morphed into tag with Topher. Maddie tried to give her dad a heart attack with her recklessness on the playground.

 Tyler and I finished the day with an episode of 24. A fun day.


While grandma and grandpa were visiting Topher went over with them to spend the night at cousins homes. Which left me and my girls at home. What pretty, cute, fun, and sweet girls I have. 
Maddie has lovely diva hair when she wakes up - I think she gets it from her Mimi. 
 Caroline kept trying to grab Maddie Mae's paci.
 She gave up and went for the hair.

Maddie Mae turns 2

Maddie Mae's first birthday was, to say the least, lacking. We were unable to celebrate her birthday on her birthday because she was sick and when we finially did we skipped the cake because she didn't feel well. It was about two weeks later she got a cake and just a few days before she had surgery to put tubes in her ears.
I kind of felt guilty for that - what a bummer first birthday.
Luckily this year we were able to celebrate on her birthday. Tyler drew a picture for her to wake up to - a My Little Pony telling her happy birthday with a cake.
She really enjoyed opening her presents this year - I think she enjoyed the process of opening more than the presents themselves. Mimi got her "paper" dolls. Grandma got her a pink bike. And, mom and dad got her chalk, barbie dolls, and shoes!
 She also got a cake this year! Actually it was a giant cupcake.
 We actually celebrated her birthday twice. Friday the 11th with just us and grandma and grandpa. And, Saturday with cousins and aunts and uncles. We went swimming in the morning and to the park in the evening. Jessi and Drew got Maddie Mae a purple tent - the kids love it!
 What a fun birthday that little girl had!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Picking up Daddy from Work

Last week we went to SLC after Tyler got off work and walked around downtown. We went over to Temple Square - kids enjoyed the art work but loved the beautiful grounds. Maddie and Topher loved the reflecting pool - we all got a little wet. Caroline was not the best little tourist. She ate and slept. It was a nice trip.