Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Owen Lucas Thompson

Baby Number 5

On June 30th I woke up around 5:45 with my first contraction. During my second contraction I woke Tyler up and said lets go! By the time we left for the hospital at 6:00 the contractions were only a minute and a half apart. It was a really fun 20 minute drive to the hospital. Tyler gave the valet the keys and quickly got me up to labor and delivery. I was already at an 8. Luckily, I got my epidural and felt much happier about life. At 7:40 we began pushing. At 8:28 he was born.
Owen Lucas Thompson at 8lbs 7oz and 20 inches was my biggest baby.

This picture was the day before, June 29th.

 After my epidural :)

They had to suction him as he had swallowed amniotic fluid during delivery.

 Big boy :)

Daddy for the fifth time!! 

 A few hours later, Mimi and Papa brought Owen's brothers and sisters up to see him. Lucky baby has so many people who love him. 

I love my two days in the hospital with my new little ones. This picture was around 1 am. But it doesn't matter because we slept all day too.

I spend most of my time in the hospital holding my baby. He was a pretty alert baby. 

Sunday, July 2 Owen gets to come home! August picked out his outfit - of course it was orange!

He sneezed a lot those first few days. He was such an alert and beautiful baby boy.

All the kids were excited to meet him. August surprised me and was excited too. Caroline couldn't keep her hands off of him.

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